About SCMLi

SCMLi is a growing network of professionals, passionate about the nexus between organizations, leadership, ethics, spirituality and morality. We are a dynamic learning organization and knowledge hub which unites, builds and leverages individual and organizational capacities under one common umbrella towards learning, practical applications and deep transformation.


Until recently, mainstream thinking provided very little space for serious explorations of the above mentioned nexus. This has changed over the past few years into a clearly discernible trend where individuals and organizations are exploring the values of ethics, morality and spirituality on a personal and organizational level.

In line with Einstein’s famous premise that a problem can not be resolved on the same level on which it has been created, maybe there is a growing realization that the individual, leadership and organizational crises which seem to be occurring globally and with increasing frequency, originate in a materialistic mindset and must therefore be addressed at different levels.

After several years of loose cooperation around small-scale opportunities we decided to establish SCMLi to give a clearer structure to our activities and respond to the growing demand for a solid discourse, solutions and tools by individuals and organizations that seek to evolve.

SCMLi was established in 2010 as a private institute and our primary focus is to create and manage dynamic learning opportunities that inspire and support organizational and individual application of Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership. By joining efforts with like-minded consultants and experts, we are able to operate in various geographies and flexibly apply our core teams’ expertise in consultancy, training and e-learning to projects of various scales. Our international team is located in the Netherlands, the US, India, Ecuador and the UK.