Spiritual Capital

Spiritual Capital is the accumulated and enduring beliefs, knowledge, values and dispositions
that drive societal, organizational and interpersonal behavior. It is the value obtained through
communities, organizations and individuals who act based on higher order principles.

In recent years, Spiritual Capital has received increasing attention in the media, popular and scientific literature. It has become a prominent research topic, generously funded by influential foundations, and an area of research at leading universities universities across the world.

While the notion is often associated with Christianity, some exponents explicitly disassociate the idea from organized religion. SCMLi’s take on Spiritual Capital is broad and universal. We consider that all of humanities’ spiritual traditions have and continue to produce Spiritual Capital in one way or another. As such, Spiritual Capital can have a variety of expressions, a common factor however is that it is rooted in the fundamentally human need for purpose and transcendence.

Recent developments in business, politics and academia indicate that there is a growing openness and need to understand the contributions that Spiritual Capital makes to organizations and the larger society. Individuals and organizations that are aware of this trend will want to better understand it and harness its energy. SCMLi possess the ideas and tools to assist in this endeavor. We can help uncover, map and mobilize your Spiritual Capital towards your individual and organizational objectives.