SCMLi offers eLearning courses on moral leadership and also interactive workshops ranging from several hours to several days depending on organizational needs.

Some of the services SCMLi offers include:

Organizational Development
Whether an organization large or small, old or recently established, it possesses Spiritual Capital. This form of capital which is often overlooked, can be an important asset to for example give organizations direction in a rapidly changing environment. It can assist in aligning employees with organizational objectives, help safeguard company ethics and stimulate a sense of belonging. SCMli has a solid discourse around Spiritual Capital and is continuously developing and refining its tools to help organizations uncover and capitalize on their Spiritual Capital. We offer face to face workshops and training events around Spiritual Capital varying in length from a couple of hours to 2 days in length. Tailored programs are also possible.

eLearning and eCoaching
In a rapidly changing environment organizations and employees are constantly challenged to learn new skills. eLearning and eCoaching are excellent formats to respond to this challenge. SCMLi has developed a 12-week eLearning course on Moral Leadership. A second course on Spiritual Capital is currently being developed. eCoaching is available as a virtual one-on-one personal development tool . We can also offer tailored blended solutions which can consist of face-to-face and virtual learning elements.

Training, consultancy and coaching
Guided by organizational needs, SCMLi also engages in traditional training, consultancy and coaching around a series of topics that fall under the Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership umbrella.