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Moral Leadership Course

This professional level course provides a comprehensive introduction to Moral Leadership. Three key areas of the course include:

  • Working towards a deeper understanding of the intersection between morality and leadership;
  • An analysis of the distinguishing elements of Moral Leadership
  • Identification of strategies to systematically implement the concepts of Moral Leadership.

The course runs in an a-synchronous learning environment, allowing for flexibility of scheduled participation. Assisted by a facilitator, up to 15 students engage in an on-line discussion forum and complete various assignments to achieve the learning objectives of the course. A certificate is awarded at course completion.

For full details of the Moral Leadership online course, download the course flyer here.  You can also sign up for the course by clicking on the registration button in the right sidebar. You can also preview the first week of the course. Simply set up a preview account. Click here and follow the steps under “Is this your first time here” to set up your free account.


Here are a number of testimonials from participants who have taken the course:

“The Moral Leadership course from SCMLi has really increased my awareness of moral leadership issues in corporate settings. Through case studies, interviews and guidance from the course tutors I have improved the way I identify, communicate and deal with the increasing complexity of moral issues that arise in today’s global businesses. An essential course if you want to improve the moral values and long-term social sustainability of your business.”

Francisco Viyuela, Founder of Independent Advisors  www.independentadvisors.es (Madrid, Spain)


“This has been … quite extraordinary. My journey has thrown up all sorts of surprises; it has unbalanced those things I felt confident about, set my mind racing, enthralled me with new found knowledge and confidence, and changed some relationships in wonderful ways. ”

Ralph Blundell, Founder of Ralph Blundell Strategy Consulting   www.ralphblundell.com (London/Southern France)


“As a first-time participant in an online program of this nature, I felt quite apprehensive at the beginning not knowing how I would be able to juggle the course with my other responsibilities.  I quickly learned to feel more comfortable in this asynchronous environment and at ease with what kept coming my way: exciting reading material, enlightened comments and a spirit of love and humility that enveloped it all.  I was surprised time and again that our online ‘conversations’ could be just as deep and spirited as any live conversation.  I was intrigued that the insights generated were so relevant and practical.  I found personal and professional utility in the assignments, resource materials and the conclusions we came to with fellow participants.  I want to thank the SCMLi team for the opportunity they provided and hope that they will continue providing this worthy service to multitudes in the future”.

Gita Badiyan, Managing Director at Kiva Corporate Solutions   www.kivacorporatesolutions.com (Canada)


“I was first attracted by the title “Moral Leadership”, and further more by the aims of this course and the concepts it was to discuss. It was interesting to know that in a field such as “business” high moral values, such as honesty and truthfulness, can be applied. Therefore, I decided to register for this course that was new to me in both its content and method of application (online). Although, I wondered how an online course will take place, especially in terms of interaction with other group members, I was glad that I will be able to express my ideas in writing and from behind the scene (which is a bonus for those who do not like to be the centre of attention). The concept of interaction with like minds from across the world of various disciplines really helped expand my knowledge and interest in this field. As a result of my daily discussions about the course with my wife she decided to take up translating a portion of the book as her Master’s degree final project. I learned that these topics are contagious and once we put aside our personal inhibitions people are attracted by such simple and universal principals.”

Varqa Kanani (United Arab Emirates)


“The course did not disappoint.  Yes, it required a certain discipline in working thru the weekly assignments with the highlight being the discussion postings and comments from a diversified, culturally and geographically (all time zones represented), group of participants.  These discussions would at times be quite intense but stimulating, which in and of itself strengthened all our learning and understanding these concepts in a new light.

At my work, I am part of a working group that looks at promoting integrity as a good business practice for our clients.  I have found that I was able to much better articulate some of these foundational elements and capabilities of the Moral Framework presented in the course, and look at its demonstration effect for client relationship managers to speak to clients about these topics.

I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and much admired the input and valuable insights from my co-participants and of course our facilitator.  The course raised my awareness of the complexities and the difficulty of seeing one holistic picture to come to a transcendent understanding of morals, ethics and true leadership.”

W. Gijs van de Fliert (United States of America)


“The Moral Leadership course gave me the possibility to search for solutions that address challenges in my work and also in my life!”

Alexander Pavlov (Bulgaria)


“Before taking the Moral Leadership Course, I thought Moral leadership was about personal values and ethics. I also thought that one learned about leadership in leadership courses but developed their values and ethics elsewhere, such as through ones spiritual discipline. Going through the ML course, I leaned that Moral Leadership is a competence that combines personal, interpersonal and social capabilities. Through deep dialogues with the other participants, we come to the same conclusion:   leading your organization to service excellence is only not possible without Moral Leadership competence. I now feel ready to take on the challenge.”

Stanley Nyoni, Senior Advisor at The Natural Step International    www.naturalstep.org (Switzerland)


“I followed, with great pleasure, this E-learning course on Moral Leadership because I am deeply convinced that ethic is profoundly important at work. I realized that I have already done a lot of reflection on this topic and I find it very encouraging. I learned a great deal about myself through the dialogues, assignments and personal reflections, which I found all very important. My learning also involved some exercises where I had to talk to friends, colleagues and family — very personal growth there.

The great value of this course is the presentation of a new framework, a new style of leadership based on Truth, Nobility, Service and Transcendence.  A wonderful program! ”

Gilles Cavalli, Owner, Sarl Azuli: Developpement Durable      www.azuli-conseil.com (France)