The Team

Andra Grant

Andra has dedicated her professional and personal time to assisting organizations improve their effectiveness in strategy, finance, program efficiency, program management, operations and information technology. She served on various Boards of Directors, worked with over 75 nonprofits, corporations, and federal agency teams towards program efficiency, team management, process improvement and organizational change.

She has facilitated numerous nonprofit or corporate strategic planning sessions, and managed process improvement projects at the International Monetary Fund and the Department of the US Navy. Andra is seen as a leader in assisting organizations to become more efficient and effective at delivering their core services. She has been engaged in strategy consulting working in South America, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union through technical training and education programs, and continues to provide services on a pro-bono basis internationally.

Andra also has more than 15 years experience designing and delivering educational seminars and trainings to business leaders and corporate executives on lean management, ethics, process management, project portfolio management, leadership, strategic communications planning, and financial integrity.

Barb Allen

Barb Allen (2)Propelled by idea that there is a higher order of conducting business in the world today, Barb engages in the constant pursuit of a deeper knowledge of the theories and processes of leadership that value human life in a way that is translated to the workplace.  This search has led her to acquire more education and she is currently in the final dissertation phase of her doctorate degree at Nova Southeastern University in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in Organizations.  Her research focus is the creation and use of a holistic training program designed to develop moral leaders using universal philosophical and spiritual principles.

In her consulting work, she focuses on organizational system design from a process perspective, looking closely at the organization’s underlying structures and the attending results.  She practices developmental facilitation incorporating an inclusive participatory approach that raises awareness of groups about their own processes in order that they can function more effectively, empowered to solve difficult problems and create needed change on their own when the training is completed. She also has completed her mediator training specialization in the State of Arkansas.


Marc Avanzo

Currently based in New Delhi, Marc is coaching middle and senior managers and delivering leadership development training to multinational companies, as well as for a leading strategy consulting firm.

Marc holds an MBA from INSEAD Fontainebleau where he specialized in management and marketing consultancy. His background is in electrical engineering. He studied at the Grande École Supélec in Paris, France and the Techniche Universität Darmstadt, Germany. His education led him to a career in telecommunications and marketing in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, working for companies such as AT&T, and Universal. Until recently Marc worked for the World Health Organization (UN), New Delhi Office as Head of the Staff Development and Learning Department for the South Eastern Asia Regional Office. Marc found his calling in executive coaching and leadership trainings. His career change was inspired by Moral Leadership training which he received at Nur University, Bolivia in 2004.


Sam Rima

SamSam has dedicated the last 25 years to passionately promoting the need for both moral leadership and spiritual capital. Believing the two are inextricably linked, Dr. Rima’s focus has been on assisting organizations to leverage both in an effort to foster individual, organizational and societal transformation. He has written books in both the fields of leadership and spiritual capital and lectured or spoken on six continents.  His most recent book, Spiritual Capital: A Moral Core for Social and Economic Justice, is based on research he did while at the University of Buckingham. He has worked in national politics (U.S.), the church and academia. Additionally, Sam has worked with the Sekem Group in Cairo, Egypt, helping to launch the Social Innovation Research Center at Heliopolis University and serves as a board member and research associate with the TRANS4M Center for Integral Development in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sam has earned two doctoral degrees; a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership (Talbot School of Theology) and a Ph.D. in Socioeconomics (University of Buckingham, UK). He has a Masters of Divinity and a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Government (Eastern Washington University). Currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sam was born and raised in northeast Washington State in the U.S. and is of Native American heritage (Inland Salish). Sam enjoys playing tennis, cycling, reading good biographies, and international travel.


Vahid Masrour

Vahid Masrour is a psychologist by training, specialized in Organizational Psychology. In his personal life, he has accumulated a wide inter-cultural experience, synthesized in a world citizenship lifestyle. In his professional life, Vahid has developed presentation delivery and training design and consultancy skills that have helped him explore and assist organizational development and change in community groups, educational institutions, and private organizations.

One of the main sources of inspiration for his work has been the notion of Moral Leadership. Vahid developed applications for Moral Leadership to different fields, focusing for instance on Youth Leadership development projects. He has created training materials and trained trainers.

Vahid enjoys creating conversational spaces where participants get involved in reflecting on their social contexts, and bring about the possibilities of transformation, in their lives and their surroundings. A definite appreciation for what Information and Communications Technologies can do to enhance education and human conscience has also been driving Vahid to explore constantly the tools and uses of the ICTs in their various forms.


Russell Zehtab

For the last 10 years, Russell has been involved in overseeing, coordinating and mobilizing the effective and efficient use of human resources to achieve institutional goals and objectives in community development and service organizations. This included individual leadership development, coordination of organizational change, promotion and development of collaborative relationships among stakeholders, knowledge management, implementation of best practices, presentations to communities of interest, preparation of reports and summaries, and various administrative functions.

Russell holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s in Accountancy. Of Filipino-Middle Eastern descent, she lived, studied and worked in Israel, Bolivia and the United States, and traveled through numerous countries. She has become multi-cultural in her approach to life and work.

Russell is passionate about the idea that every individual is “a gem of inestimable value”, whose capacity can be unleashed through a combination of support, consultation, training, art and confirmation.

She is currently based in the Netherlands and loves the bicycle lifestyle!